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One man's vacation started

many journeys of hope.


Sadly,  this journey came to an end with Joe Bonanza's death in May, 2016.





    In 1996 Joe Bodanza, a retired teacher, joined a friend on a visit to Vietnam — but his vacation took an unexpected turn.


    Having experienced the trauma of polio as a child, he was particularly sensitive to the sight of the many children in the villages he visited who were severely crippled by the disease — and even more disturbed by the fact that they were left untreated.


    He couldn't resist bringing one child back to the United States for treatment. That was the beginning. His "random act of kindness" became a life's work.


    When the cost of bringing handicapped children to the United States became cost prohibitive. Rather than give up, his focus shifted to educational needs.


    Recognizing that most students living in poverty cannot afford to return to school because of their inability to afford basic needs such as school uniforms or a bicycle for transportation.


    His legacy will live on through the lives of the hundreds of children he has helped for many years to come.